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Camera pans over the dreary, dead-end strip mall and zooms in on the sign for the Nice Place. TIGHT on the sign’s smiley face before following the arrow to the bar entrance. Only about six of the lights in the arrow glow.

Two car doors slam. Four kids exit a car and pause at the bar entrance. One kid presses the door buzzer. They wait.


The bar is silent except for a horror movie playing on the Chiller channel. Three heads turn as the kids enter the bar.

Brunette No. 1

(to her friends, who are huddled behind her) I’ll buy you guys a drink for agreeing to come with me.

(to the bartender) Do you take debit?

Bartender points to the ATM. Camera focuses on a spinning wolf hologram on the wall, then jerks down to the ATM.

Brunette No. 1

(whispers to blond guy) Do you see the decorations in this place?

Blond Guy

Congratulations. You found the most “unique” (uses finger quotes) bar in all of Vegas.

Look at the door. There’s one of those rulers on the wall so they know how tall you are if you rob the place. And it looks like a Native American good-luck charm is hanging from the ceiling … a bag of bones?

Redhead Guy

Pool is only 50 cents. Would it ruin the ambiance if we played?

The friends sit at the bar, drinking $1.75 Miller Highlife with limes, staring into space. A pretty girl in the horror movie dies a gory death.

The second brunette befriends one of the bar’s natives: a 50ish lady with a butch haircut, striped T-shirt and high-waisted jean shorts.

The scene freezes, and the camera flashes a time lapse of the action interspersed with images of the bar.


—The bartender sitting at the bar with a customer.

—Sign: Phone not for customers. Don’t Even Ask!

—The four kids playing pool; the short-haired lady watching.

—Sign: Bathroom for Paying Customer’s Only.

—A suspicious man running past the window.

—Sign: Cash Only! Don’t Even Ask!

—A suspicious man standing at the bar.

Brunette No. 1

The Details

The Nice Place
3021 E. Charleston Blvd.

Action resumes. The man looks around and approaches the bar. Brunette No. 1 stares at him nervously. She hits the pool cue, watches the ball miss and then looks up. The man is gone.

Brunette No. 1

What was that all about?

Blond Guy

He was casing the place. Or it’s a drug deal. He probably left because there were too many of us.

Brunette No. 1

(looks at the horror movie; looks out the window; shudders) For a second I thought I was going to get shot.

Brunette No. 2

You guys are stupid, and it’s totally rude to assume that.

The redhead guy invites the short-haired lady to play the next round. Brunette No. 2 fiddles with the jukebox. “Lets Get It On” drowns out the horror movie.

The kids and the lady are laughing and playing pool. The bartender ignores the change of atmosphere. The other customer requests Barry White.

The scene freezes, and the camera flashes a time lapse.


—A high shelf of Native American memorabilia.

—The kids fighting with the pool-cue chalk.

—An empty hot-dog oven.

—The short-haired lady drinking a shot.

—Brunette No. 1 looking out the window nervously.

The action resumes. A live version of The Doors’ song “The End” plays on the jukebox.

Brunette No. 1

I want to go home.

Short-Haired Lady

I’m done, too. I’m going to walk to the El Cortez now.

Redhead Guy

The El Cortez? That’s miles away. We’ll give you a ride.

Brunette No. 1

But there’s already four of us in the car.

Redhead Guy

This is the Nice Place. We’re nice people. Let’s do a nice thing.


Five people squeeze into the car as Jim Morrison wails, “Don’t let me die in an automobile.”

WIDE SHOT of the Nice Place sign as the car pulls onto Charleston.

Brunette No. 1

(voice-over) Isn’t this like the movie Death Proof?

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